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“SATCHIDANANDA” Being Blissful Being


Discover and experience your true self, wisdom and bliss The Eternals is a group / club under the aegis of Deva Eternal Yoga ( Regd.) .
Activities of the club are as follow :

1) Our aim is to improve quality of life , achievement of individual goals , increasing spiritual awareness and to achieve a higher consciousness.
2) It is essentially a spiritual group to promote the culture of spiritual / psychic healing , improve spiritual quotient , for elevating oneself , developing self potentials / talents / skills and staying soul- oriented .
3 ) We inspire people through our special meditations.
4) Yog Nritya
5) Innovative techniques based on higher yoga will be introduce.
6) A great platform for sharing spiritual experiences , healing modalities and solving life crisis issues.
7)“ Going Beyond” , being blissful , service to needy and helping one another in all possible ways , esp. Spiritually is the main theme of the eternals.

The group shall have a general meeting for interaction, discussion and other group activities among group members preferably at the residence of the members( residence of the members will be purified and energized with healing energies) . The member’s contribution for the above said activities is to be deposited before the general meeting .
For any further information please call 9780107348, 9815911969
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